Admissions are granted in LIS to students based on their successful clearing of the admissions aptitude tests and meeting the detailed admissions criteria. LIS may call for short interview with parents.



We achieve academic excellence through the development of intellectual curiosity, personal accountability & love of learning. Our exceptional faculty help students discover, develop, and enjoy their unique talents


Campus Life

The physical environment of a classroom is extremely important to effective teaching and learning". Keeping this in mind, all our class rooms are air – conditioned, in order to maintain a pleasant climate throughout.


The Lords' International School

Is unique when compared to any other schools around the city. It stands out with the determination to think up and implement new ideas.

We are committed to equipping all children as enthusiastic learners; family learning sessions aim to make the learning experience a shared one; continuous professional development for all staff ensures teaching remains fresh and relevant opportunities. We offer a broad and extended curriculum enriched with visits, visitors, partnerships with other schools and communities both locally and in other countries.

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