The Lords’ International School


Computer Lab

Well-equipped computer labs with high-quality computers and carefully monitored internet connectivity provide our children with the opportunity for research in addition to preparing them for the IT-driven world.

Robotics Lab

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world. To enable our children to be future ready, the school offers Robotics for students’ right from the grade 1 level. The high-tech robotics lab gives students an opportunity to make science fiction a reality. The students are taught to construct and assemble computerised robots in a graded level. Students assemble the components of the robot to create complex functioning.

Science Lab

Science Laboratories are one of the vital educational attributes at all levels. In order to build up a scientific temperament, curiosity to know, delve deeper and experience the wonders of science in everyday life, the school has a well equipped Science Lab with the latest technologies to enable the students to research and process their ideas.

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