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Students Testimonial

I truly believe that the institution of Lords' has played a significant and impactful role in the upbringing of who I am today.
Allen Ajith
Institution of Lords'
Dear Teachers and Staff,
The past 5 years I spent at Lords’ have been colourful and worth a wonderful memory thanks to everyone. It’s help me build solid grassroots, be it academically or personally. The teachers have always been massively supportive along the way, from helping us cope with the course to giving us solid advice on future goals. Every one of my teachers starting from grade 8 to the 12th have made quite an impact on me. Seeing that I started schooling at Lords’ migrating from a different country, every one had helped me ease my transition into the culture/schooling there, reducing my worries and for that I’ll always be grateful. 
I’d like to personally thank the teachers who’ve stuck with me till the end:
To Mrs. Manjula ma’am, for keenly following up with our academics and for giving us a great environment to learn in. 
To Vennilla ma’am, who had sown and grew my love for English greatly, for being my class teacher through grade 9 and 10 and for taking care of us well. 
To Suresh Sir, who single handedly believed I could excel in math even though I had my troubles and always supported me till the end. 
To Praveena ma’am, who had taken care of us through grade 11 and 12 and took the time to explain every hurdle I had in chemistry no matter how cumbersome it may have felt. 
To Padmapriya ma’am, who made organic chemistry more interesting than tiresome for all of us. 
To Jennifer ma’am, who enriched my love for Biology and made all the theory-ridden classes interesting, so much so that  I’ve decided to take up a degree including it. 
To Ganesh Sir, who saved Grade 12 physics for me by intricately explaining every part of it, even another 10 times if we asked so patiently. 
To Devi Priya ma’am, for being patient with me and my class and walking us through a subject we previously found difficult to deal with collectively. Statistics became so much better. 
To Pavithra ma’am, for being our class teacher through grade 11 and 12. Though I personally could not see much of her in class/ during school, I’m thankful for the effort she must’ve put in behind the scenes to keep our class properly taken care of. 
To Revathi ma’am, who endlessly supported us, advised us academically and personally whenever we sought out her help despite her busy schedules. 
To Sophia ma’am, who made ICT a fun subject and for her massive patience with my larger 10th grade class in the LAB. 
To Reshma ma’am (hoping my small message is relayed), who skyped us despite the time differences and helped us perfectly understand mechanics to tackle our exams 
To JothiMurugan Sir, for always urging me to actively take part in sports and teams which I was previously hesitant to try but began to love. 
To Ambika ma’am, who taught me a short span of one year yet always praised my drawing skills and helped me tackle Social studies. 
Additionally, to all the staff teachers who had been extremely helpful around the reception (Srilekha Ma’am) and the office, the aunties who helped us keep our classes clean despite our messes, to the bus drivers who brought us to school, drove us home, to field trips and etc safely, school wouldn’t have been the same without you all as well. (Namely Kanmani Uncle and Meena Aunty from Route 15)
With all of this varied support, I was able to get into the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (11th in the world, 2nd in all of Asia, according to the QS Top University rankings) to read the course BIO ENGINEERING w HONOURS. I wouldn’t have been able to work my way into a prestigious institution without the Lords’ and for that I’m grateful again. I hope to continue to make the school proud with my all future endeavours. 
Rishika Mahendiran
LIS Class of 2020
My dream of making a career in Aeronautical Engineering in one of the best universities in the US wouldn’t have realized if not for the Lords’ International School Facilitation centre that helped me to choose from the many options of courses and colleges/universities. The student counselors and career advisers in the Lords’ facilitation centre were indulgent and well informed of all aspects of university admission procedures. The mentors at the Lords’ International Facilitation centre guided me throughout the preparation process for my university admission. I profoundly appreciate and thank them for the support and guidance extended.
Allen Daniel
Institution of Lords'
 Dear Lords’ family,
When I enrolled in The Lords’ International school, I had just moved to Chennai from North India. The environment at school made it very easy for me to fit in and I spent the last three years of my high school career here.
From academics to leadership, sports to public speaking, singing to creative writing, debating to dancing, at LIS I was given the opportunity to grow holistically and was encouraged to explore all my academic and co-curricular interests. Being a part of The Lords’ community has been a formative experience and I want to take a minute to express my gratitude and appreciation to some individuals who made an impact on me.
Revathi ma’am always made sure that my peers and I did not lose sight of the goals that we had been working towards. Venilla ma’am’s guidance ensured I was always on the right track. Pavithra ma’am’s continuous support helped me put myself out there and be bold in all my endeavours. Praveena ma’am and her endless encouragement truly kept our class afloat. Thanks to Suresh sir’s maths class and Ganesh sir’s approach to physics, I finally found my corner in the STEM world. Along with O-Chem, I found myself learning the difference between cramming and truly effective learning for the first time in Padmapriya ma’am’s class. Sophia ma’am inspires me to be patient and detail-oriented even when I’m tasked with solving long and tedious problems. Jennifer ma’am’s knack for identifying strengths and weaknesses helped me re-focus my efforts where there was room for improvement. Jothimurugan sir helped me find a balance between studying and athletics. Jaya ma’am made IT theory fun and motivated me to work harder. Srividhya ma’am shared my love for the language of Hindi and was the constant source of motivation and support that I needed. Srilekha ma’am was the first person I would see as I stepped on campus every day and greeting her reminded me to start my day with a smile. Roopa ma’am looked after all of us as our class teacher in Grade 10. The Aunties and the rest of the support staff who learned our names, asked about our day, and made easy conversation every time we ran into them also made the environment that much more pleasant. I’m so grateful for the relationships I was able to form with my teachers, schoolmates, and all other faculty!
The Lords’ Facilitation Center has also been a very useful resource in my university application process. From helping me find the right institution to helping me apply for scholarships, I felt supported in what can otherwise be a long and daunting process.
I graduated from Lords’ International and went on to join the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) which is a member of the Big 10 conference in the United States. As I pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I find myself relying on the skills and values I developed during my time at LIS.
The Lords’ International School
Priyanka N
LIS Graduating batch of 2021

Proud Parents

Thank you so much for arranging the thematic party for kids. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the decorations, games, food, campfire, movie, friends' hangout, etc., Awesome Decorations by the teachers. Outstanding Cave design, decorated so well, reminds us the real treasure cave while standing inside, so realistic. Special mention on ostrich, lightings, main Arabic castle, usage of apt materials. Hats off for all the efforts taken for Arabian Nights. Very much thoughtful. Looking forward for more such in upcoming years.
I would like to appreciate and thank Lords International School Management and Teachers for their tremendous efforts on this interactive online session during this pandemic situation. Both my Kids have positively adopted to this environment and they are able to follow the class. They get their doubts clarified similar to their regular school days. Kudos to all the Teachers who are doing are remarkable efforts in motivating each and every kid through their focused and creative approach. Kids are evaluated through frequent interactions, assignments and online test, they are also enjoying their extracurricular activity period – “Food without Fire” which keeps them more fun and happy while staying indoors. I would like to thank the entire team and Teachers for their hard work and the dedication. Wishing you all the very Best and Stay safe and Healthy
Raajarajeshwari P
First of all, I would like to thanks to the teachers and school management. Today I am going to say some good feedback about The Lords’ international school which I have experienced over the years. 1. Well organised for each and every activity. example - transport, before starting of the session the team comes and verify all the address and pick up points, so that they don’t have any road blocks during the regular pick up hrs, which is well appreciated and considered as well planned. 2. School infrastructure, well developed lots of spaces for kids’ activities. 3. Recently my son was selected for an Interschool sports activity and school students had to participate from other location. There were 4-5 teachers and 3-4 helpers to manage and guide the students’ activities. They keep asking about their food,water ,toilet and etc..I was really impressed about the importance given to those kids, it was excellent. It was well planned and organised and I won’t mind sending my son for next sport/other activities through school. 4. During Covid , online classes were conducted in a nice manner with all subjects including dance and physical classes. There will be always two teachers for each period, one subject teacher and another to monitor the kids. Really appreciated and given importance to all kids equally. I have many other points to write and ultimately I am happy, hence both my sons are studying here at same school. Teachers and vice principal are always approachable, I keep talking whenever I go there and they always take our suggestions and recommendations without any hesitation.  Lastly, I wish all the very best to teachers and management and please keep adding all valuable activities and development for kids. Any support and help, happy to be part of Lords’ family.
Ramesh singh
I grew up in the knowledge and love of God, a gift my Parents gave from the day I was born. The same knowledge and wisdom I pass on to my child. My daughter has had a wonderful foundation at The Lords’ International School. The school is committed to the holistic development of students by giving them a variety of opportunities for personal growth and development. LIS has a great team of friendly, dedicated and experienced educators who have provided a conducive environment to learn. Even during the Pandemic period, The Online Remote teaching had been satisfactory.  Initially I had reservations whether an online platform would bring results, but in the end it was fruitful. I would like to express that even during the Online classes, there used to be a session wherein the P.T. Teacher was given a chance to deal with the students who had no other way otherwise to stay glued to their systems. Special Thanks for the Effort taken. I take this opportunity to sincerely express the warmth and caring ethos of the school. Not to miss mentioning the following:  Delicious Food menu that keeps changing every month. The door to door pick up of the school Transport. Dance and Yoga classes. Robotics. Halloween celebration, Slumber Partying, Pongal Thiruvizha... I am happy with the progress of the school. We have been a part of LIS for 10 years now. The school has grown from strength to strength, year after year. A big THANK YOU. 
Abhaya Jayaraaman
  I’m Juliet Rajkumar and my daughters are studying in The Lord’s International School for Preschool and now they are in their 4th Grade, almost 7 years. The school has provided a safe, fostering and amazing environment. The school ambience is always remarkable, welcoming, engaging teachers, approachable administrators etc. The school playground is neat and clean. The functions like annual day, sports day are well planned and organized, and everyone enjoys the event.                 Another great thing is the school provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks for students at nominal cost. They offer variety of food for the kids where the kids can choose as they wish.           The Teachers of the school are very approachable, kind, and supportive. They listen to every child and explain the concepts clearly. They really do prepare students for the next grade level well.  I strongly recommend to send your kids here to be the next generation of students to graduate as better and more developed.

The Lords’ International School Facilitation Centre Head Office

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